Hydrotherapy and Health Benefits

Today there is a body of research to support the use of warm-water immersion, coupled with massaging jets, to promote healing and increase both a physical and mental sense of well-being.

How To Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Cloudy water in your hot tub is probably one of the most common issues that hot tub owners suffer with. Hot tub water can quickly lose its clarity. Your water can quickly turn from being crystal clear to a hazy and dull very quickly.

Advice On How To Maintain Your Hot Tub

Keeping your hot tub running well and the water clean is both important and simple to do. Regular maintenance involves simply cleaning the cover of your spa and making sure that the chemical levels are correct and the correct chemicals to added.

Home Hydrotherapy

Astounding results for MS sufferer with Vita Spas swim spa supplied by Bay Spas of Devon.

Free Site Surveys

Free advice and information on spa and swim spa installations for home owners in East Sussex.

Pictures Just In

What a transformation of this under-used garden by the team from Hydropool South West.

England’s Largest Village Show

Look out on Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30 for the 1 Stop Spas team on Stand Two at the Heckington Show in Lincolnshire - billed as England's largest village show.